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Resources for Educators

I. Introductory Materials: Getting to know the project
a. Introduction to the project: How the DACB began, and where it is going (short article)

b. Rationale: "Ecclesiastical Cartography and the Invisible Continent" by Dr. Jonathan J. Bonk, Project Director

c. "Introduction to the DACB" (PDF): This PDF of a 30-minute presentation gives an overview of the project.

d. Introductory brochure for printing and distributing (Warning: large files): DACB Brochure 2015 (PDF) or DACB Brochure 2015-no border (PDF)

II. Being a Participating Institution
1. What does it mean to be a "participating institution"? How can my institution sign up?
     For answers to those questions, please read our Guidelines.

2. Additional Guidelines:
a. Guidelines for Non African Participating Institutions

b. Guidelines for Affiliated Research Institutions

III. Establishing an Institutional Archive

1. Archives Manual: Rescuing the Memory of our Peoples (PDF file)

2. Multi-lingual Resources: Archives Manual in Spanish: Rescatando la Memoria de Nuestros Pueblos (PDF file)