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catholic | protestant | independent | orthodox

Source: Operation World

Population 2015: 15,046,000, 41% urban

Christians: 81.7%
Ethnoreligionists: 15.9%
Agnostics: 1%

Number of Christians: 12,286,000
Catholics: 2,000,000
Protestant: 3,500,000
Independents: 6,930,000
Orthodox: 5,200

Source: World Christian Database accessed Sept 14, 2015

Key: * Story has photo; FR Story in French; POR Story in Portuguese; SWA Story in Swahili.

Silveira, Gonçalo Roman Catholic   POR  
Anderson, William Harrison (A) Seventh-Day Adventist      
Anderson, William Harrison (B) Seventh-Day Adventist      
Brubaker, Henry Heisey Brethren in Christ      
Chavanduka, Ignatius* Church of the Nazarene   POR  
Cripps, Arthur Shearly (A) Anglican      
Cripps, Arthur Shearly (B) Anglican      
Croudace, Ian and Marilyn Church of the Nazarene      
Gurney, Samuel Methodist Episcopal Church      
Jones, Nancy Congregational      
Knight-Bruce, George Wyndham Hamilton Anglican      
Louw, Andries Dutch Reformed Church      
Mizeki, Bernard (A) Anglican   POR  
Mizeki, Bernard (B) Anglican      
Moffat, John Smith (A) Congregational      
Moffat, John Smith (B) Congregational      
Muzorewa, Abel Methodist   POR  
Ndhlovu, July* Church of the Nazarene      
Robinson, Raleigh Seventh-Day Adventist      
Zuze, Solomon Africa Evangelical Church   POR  
Maranke, John African Apostolic Church   POR  
Masowe, Johane* Gospel of God Church      
Mutendi, Samuel Zion Christian Church (ZCC)      
Zwimba, Matthew Chigaga Shira Chena Church   POR  
Gabellah, Elliot Mdutshwa African Orthodox Church