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Ancient province of Nubia

catholic | protestant | independent | orthodox

Source: Operation World

Population 2015: 39,613,000, 34% urban

Christians: 5%
Muslims: 91.15%
Ethnoreligionists: 2.76%
Number of Christians: 1,986,000
Catholics: 1,100,000
Protestant: 795,000
Independents: 19,900
Orthodox: 100,000

Source: World Christian Database accessed Sept 14, 2015

Key: * Story has photo; FR Story in French; POR Story in Portuguese; SWA Story in Swahili.

Bakhita, Josephine Catholic (Canossian Sister) FR    
Bakhita Kwashe* Catholic (Comboni Sister) FR    
Comboni, Anthony Daniel (A)* Catholic (Verona Fathers)      
Comboni, Anthony Daniel (B)* Catholic (Verona Fathers) FR POR  
Comboni, Anthony Daniel (C)* Catholic (Verona Fathers) FR    
Comboni, Anthony Daniel (D)* Catholic (Verona Fathers)      
Doggale, Paolino Catholic      
Hadrian, Pius Joseph Catholic      
Knoblecher, Ignaz Catholic      
Allison, Oliver* Episcopal      
Bingham, Rowland Victor Sudan Interior Mission      
Bullen, Herbert Episcopal      
Butrus Tia Shukai Episcopal      
Gelsthorpe, Morris* Episcopal      
Giffen, John Kelly Presbyterian      
Gwynne, Llewellyn Henry (A) Episcopal      
Gwynne, Llewellyn Henry (B) Episcopal      
Ibrahīm 'Abdu el-Masīh Presbyterian      
Kamala, Christina Anglican (Episcopal Church of the Sudan)      
Khamis, Mubarak Korkel Episcopal      
Marona, Joseph Episcopal      
Ngalamu, Elinana Episcopal      
Padwick, Constance Church Missionary Society      
Wani Yugusuk, Benjamin Episcopal      
Abdullahi Yousif Sha ed Din, Musa Independent