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Potential Subject Indexes
Indexes de Sujets Potentiels
Índices Sujeitos Potenciais

The following indexes contain the names of potential DACB subjects, both Africans and missionaries, listed here for reference, to inform and encourage future research.

Pour les francophones: Ces pages contiennent les noms de sujets potentiels, Africains et missionnaires--des personnages importants dont les vies ne sont pas encore documentées. Page d'accueil

Para o lusófona: Os seguintes índices contêm os nomes de sujeitos potenciais, africanos e missionários, alistados aqui para a referência, para informar e incentivar a pesquisa futura. Página inicial

How to use these pages: 1) Consult these pages if you wish to write a biography for the DACB and are searching for ideas of people whose biographies do not yet appear in the DACB. If a name is listed and does not show a link in the column next to the name, then the DACB doesn't have a biography on that person. A link will lead to a DACB biography. 2) Consult these pages in order to avoid writing a duplicate biography by checking to see whether the DACB has a biography on a specific person.

*DACB Bibliography Complete bibliographic references noted in abbreviated form in the indexes and other useful sources.
*Ancient African Church references Complete bibliographic references noted in abbreviated form in the Ancient African Church index.
All Potential Subjects 4700 names in alphabetical order
Ancient African Church 588 names
Algeria 59 names
Angola 40 names
Bénin 23 names
Botswana 27 names
Burkina Faso 6 names
Burundi 27 names
Cameroon 111 names
Cape Verde 19 names
Central African Republic 11 names
Chad 6 names
Comoros 0 names
Congo-Zaire 176 names
Congo-Brazzaville 40 names
Côte d'Ivoire 12 names
Djibouti 0 names
    Coptics from the Coptic Encyclopedia
527 names
     (330 additional names)
Equatorial Guinea 1 name
Eritrea 5 names
Ethiopia 646 names
Gabon 92 names
Gambia 5 names
Ghana 123 names
Guinea 13 names
Guinea Bissau 4 names
Kenya 205 names
Lesotho 110 names
Liberia 34 names
Libya 8 names
Madagascar 233 names
Malawi 81 names
Mali 13 names
Mauritania 5 names
Mauritius 8 names
Mayotte 2 names
Morocco 43 names
Mozambique 165 names
Namibia 46 names
Niger 14 names
Nigeria 406 names
Reunion 5 names
Rwanda 35 names
St. Helena 0 names
São Tomé e Principe 0 names
Sénegal 32 names
Seychelles 2 names
Sierra Leone 137 names
Somalia 3 names
South Africa 503 names
Sudan 137 names
Swaziland 57 names
Tanzania 173 names
Togo 44 names
Tunisia 101 names
Uganda 254 names
Western Sahara 0 names
Zambia 124 names
Zimbabwe 82 names
Other Subjects (regional impact) 130 names