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Kehinde Olabimtan


by Dr. Kehinde Olabimtan

Project Luke Fellow in residence, 2010-2011
Good News Baptist Church and Akrofi-Christaller Institute, Ghana

*      Story has photo POR     Story is in Portuguese
FR    Story is in French SWA    Story is in Swahili

Adegbola, Ebenezer Adeolu* Methodist (Wesleyan) Nigeria      
Bühler, Gottlieb Friederick Anglican (CMS) Nigeria      
Graf, John Ulrich Anglican (CMS) Sierra Leone      
Hinderer, Anna Anglican (CMS) Nigeria      
Hinderer, David Anglican (CMS) Nigeria      
Johnson, Henry* Anglican (CMS) Sierra Leone / Nigeria      
Johnson, Henry "Erugunjinmi" Anglican (CMS) Nigeria      
Olubi, Daniel* Anglican (CMS) Nigeria      
Townsend, Henry Anglican (CMS) Nigeria      
Wilhelm, Andrew Anglican (CMS) Nigeria