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Guided Tour of the DACB Web Site

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1. For first-time visitors who want an introduction to the DACB project:

a. A quick definition of the project:

b. How it began:

c. The complete story of its beginnings, the vision, its scope, the way it operates:

d. DACB Staff, board, partners:
    Project Director and Project Manager:
    Advisory council :
    Financial supporters/donors:

e. People who write biographies for the DACB:
    Project Luke scholars:
    Participating Institutions:
    Independent scholars and lay writers:

2. For returning visitors and regular affiliates of the project:

a. What's new:
b. Our newsletters:
c. The latest stories uploaded to the site:

3. For readers, stories are organized in many different indexes :

a. Stories recently added to the site:

b. The Africa map (click on a country to get a country index):

c. All Subjects: a comprehensive list of stories:

d. Map of Ancient Africa (click on a region):

e. Ancient church (up to 650 A.D.):

f. Women:

g. Non Africans (who never set foot in Africa):

h. Stories by independent authors:

i. Stories by Project Luke Scholars (link next to each PL scholar):

j. Stories submitted by Participating Institutions:

k. Stories by church affiliation:

l. Stories by country: click on the drop down menu in the sidebar

m. Stories with photos:

4. Various resources and research tools DACB offers:

a. Index of online resources or regional histories of Africa:

b. Stories organized by church affiliation:

c. Official languages of Africa:

d. Regions of Africa:

e. Link to video resources:

f. Our links page:

5. Additional resources for researchers and writers:

a. Our guidelines:

b. Our Instructional Manual:

c. For archivists and librarians:

d. Resources index, including oral history materials:

e. Training resources (index):

f. Potential subjects indexes (listing of suggested names of individuals whose biographies should be written):
     Complete bibliography of references from potential subjects pages (current works on African Christian history):