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DACB People

Editorial Committee

The DACB is facilitated by a very small administrative staff. You can read more about them and their roles here.


Meet the new Advisory Council members.

Project Luke Scholars

The heart of the project lies in Africa where the stories of African Christians can be found. From 1999 to 2011, the DACB offered two scholarships per year to African writers--scholars and lay people, men and women--so they could spend a year in residency in the United States to write the stories of ten significant African Christians for the DACB. You can meet our Project Luke scholars here and read about the Project Luke scholarship here.


In addition, many individuals, both Africans and Westerners, have contributed biographies to the DACB. You can find a list of our DACB authors here.

Participating Institutions

Religious institutions and university departments throughout Africa have contributed stories to the DACB. They have offered training and encouraged their students to write biographies for the DACB. You can find a list of these institutions and their biographies here, a detailed list of the stories they have provided here, and contact information for any institutions interested in collaborating with us in the past here.


Of course, the DACB would not exist without the support of our partners.

Administrative Summary

This document describes how the various groups of people listed above interact in the overall project.