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The mission of the DACB is to collect, preserve, and make freely accessible biographical accounts and church histories--from oral and written sources--integral to a scholarly understanding of African Christianity.
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Updated November 18, 2014
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Christian Martyrdom

Manche Masemola Christian martyrs are defined as "believers in Christ who have lost their lives prematurely, in situations of witness, as a result of human hostility" (Barrett and Johnson, World Christian Trends, 227). On average, there were 160,000 martyrs per year in the 20th century, including Christians killed in the 1994 genocide in Rwanda, the Sudanese civil wars, and "Africa's World War" in DRC (Johnson and Zurlo, "Christian Martyrdom as a Pervasive Phenomenon"). To read Manche Masemola's story, click here. >>Coming soon: Look for our Index of African Christian Martyrs.

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Giants of African Christianity

Ogbu KaluKalu, Ogbu Uke (1943 to 2009), Presbyterian, Nigeria
Professor Kalu was one of the most influential Nigerian scholars in the fields of Global Missions, African Christianity, and Global Pentecostalism. For forty years, he provided leadership in theological education in Africa and expanded the boundaries of Church History. A prolific writer, Kalu authored or edited more than sixteen books including African Christianity: An African Story (University of Pretoria Press, 2005) and African Pentecostalism: An Introduction (Oxford University Press, 2008), which is already regarded by many as the authoritative work on the subject. >>Read his story

Resources for Research

History of Missiology and AIC Photo Archive

The Theology Library of Boston University has a collection of missionary biographies, reports, sermons and theologies that provide a rich resource for mission studies. The Center for Global Christianity and Mission has begun an AIC Photo Archive.

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>> AIC Photo Archive


The Boston 2015 Conference on African Christian Biography

CALL FOR PAPERS: “African Christian Biography: Narratives, Beliefs, and Boundaries.” October 29-31, 2015. Keynote Speaker: Professor Lamin Sanneh, Yale University. The Call for Papers can be found here.

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